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Annual 5K Walk/Run 2021!

We are virtual again this year and we can't wait! More info coming soon!

The Startup with Monique Lore

Please join our Executive Director virtually at The Startup with Monique Lore!!

Mental Health Awareness!

Help to carry one another’s burdens, and in this way you will obey the law of Christ.
- Galations 6:2 -

The purpose of the Keyon J. Brooks Foundation is to promote optimal mental health awareness through advocacy, education and community resources. We will help to educate the faith community and the community at large about mental health and mental illness. We will seek to help to eliminate the stigma, labels and prejudice. We will help change lives by offering both an academic scholarship and a service scholarship. The academic scholarship will be given to individuals who pursue academic excellence in the field of mental health. The service scholarship will provide information and referral services to navigate the complex delivery system that can impede access to mental health services. We will partner with some of the companies here tonight to make this happen.

In 2019, we held two Mental Health Panels, our first "Stomping Out the Stigma 5k Walk", provided 3 Service Scholarships, and assisted in hosting a Mental Health First Aid training Course where over 25 people became certified!

Beautiful Butterflies, Incorporated and the Keyon J. Brooks Foundation are solely charitable organizations specifically designed to spread Lupus awareness and mental health awareness, to raise funds toward their necessary research and eventual cure. Not only is your generous donation appreciated, but necessary. Rest assured that you will be sowing seeds into fertile ground!

When making your donation, please notate: Keyon J. Brooks Foundation

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Who we are

Our History

Beautiful Butterflies is a 501c3 non-profit lupus foundation founded by Keva Brooks Napper. Our sole purpose is to provide support, services and education to those affected by lupus, primarily minorities. We pursue this mission through: supporting individuals with lupus, their families, friends and caregivers; and advocating for increased public and private sector support for research on lupus; heightening awareness of the impact and affects of lupus; direct financial support to Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) to support research.

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Fast Facts

Founded in 2011 

First independent Lupus Foundation in the Triad area (NC)

First monthly support group in Triad

First 5k Lupus walk/run in Triad

First Lupus Golf Tournament in Triad area

First Lupus Awareness Luncheon highlighting invisible illnesses in Triad

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Keva Brooks Napper

Founder & Director
An icon of strength and resiliency, Keva Brooks Napper is a powerhouse entrepreneur based in North Carolina. Keva is a two-time Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Humanitarian. She is the Founder of MEEK Legacy, LLC, a family inspired company that supports her mission of inspiring and uplifting through film, literature, and speaking. Her most recent projects include “Invisible Hope” and “Truth of Thorns” which she holds creator, writer, and producer credits for.

For a total of 16 years, Keva has been thriving through Lupus and desires to see others battling any type of invisible illness do the same. To this end, she founded Beautiful Butterflies Inc., a nonprofit foundation used to bring awareness and education on Lupus and other illnesses. She often says, “I can't eradicate illness but I can help eradicate the pain of it,” and shapes her endeavors with this in mind.

Keva’s academic repertoire includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English. Throughout the years, she has received a myriad of awards for her service and brilliance as a community leader. Some of those honors include: Teacher of the Year, Guilford County’s Reader’s Choice Best Writer, and Women in Organizing — Sheroe Award.
Learn more about Keva and follow her on social media at:
Twitter @keva_diva

Facebook – Keva B. Napper

Instagram @keva_diva1


A glance at our events in and around the community

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2019 Lupus 5k Run

We are grateful for those who support us as we walk Laps for Lupus!.

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Living, Loving, Learning in the commUNITY

Lupus affects our whole community and we come together to combat it.

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We Celebrate All Thrivers

We wholeheartedly support all those affected by Lupus.

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Never Give Up

We are ever hopeful for a cure.

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Beautiful Butterflies Pageant

Our queens represent BBI very well.

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Celebrate Successes

We join with the community to do Laps for Lupus.

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We Partner with Glaxo Smith Kline

Our partnership with GSK has allowed us to educate and inspire even more! Thanks for all you do to help us THRIVE!

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We Love Our Volunteers

Individuals, young and old, from around the community join us in our fight against Lupus!

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Khyes Carnival

We are always honored to give back to those in our community by helping to celebrate LIFE!

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Health is Wealth

FULLTIME FITNESS has been a partner with BBI since we started! They keep us moving and in good shape!

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The Power of Sisterhood

Community Work with the Delta Sigma Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

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Layup for Lupus

We are supported by various organizations and events around the community.


Contact us at your leisure regarding general questions, suggestions, event information, etc.

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 164 | Sedalia, North Carolina 27342 | (336) 528-4424